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Going for a Bumble

Going for a Bumble

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A 90-min Webinar 'Going for a Bumble' - How to teach a working and pet gundog the difference between hunting and social pleasure'

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What does your gundog do on a walk? Do they stay relatively close while having a relaxing sniff? Or do they make a beeline to the horizon as soon as they are off lead, enjoy chasing wildlife and become too engrossed in hunting to hear you?
There is a great deal of debate, conflict and confusion around the subject of whether to let your dog run free, off lead in the countryside irrespective of whether it is a family pet or a full working gundog.

Which is why, in this 90-min webinar, Helen Phillips and Jules Morgan will reveal the ultimate steps to help you teach your gundog the difference between ‘going for a walk’ and ‘going hunting’ in the same stimulating environment. We will look at how to create the behaviours for success, and how to use life rewards to maintain the connection and partnership in challenging situations.