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Going for a Bumble

Going for a Bumble

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In this 90-minute presentation, Helen Phillips and Jules Morgan explore "Going for a Bumble" - how to teach working and pet gundogs the difference between hunting and social pleasure.

What does your gundog do on a walk? Do they stay relatively close while having a relaxing sniff? Or do they make a beeline to the horizon as soon as they are off lead, enjoy chasing wildlife and become too engrossed in hunting to hear you?

There is a great deal of debate, conflict and confusion around the subject of whether to let your dog run free, off lead in the countryside, irrespective of whether it is a family pet or a full working gundog.

This is why, in this 90-minute presentation, Helen Phillips and Jules Morgan will reveal the ultimate steps to help you teach your gundog the difference between ‘going for a walk’ and ‘going hunting’ in the same stimulating environment.

The Going for a Bumble Presentation covers the following: 

  • Understanding the difference between hunting and bumbling
  • How to create the bumble zone
  • How to use rewards to maintain connection and partnership in challenging situations
  • Teaching a check-in behaviour and how to progress this
  • Teaching the catch-up game
  • The art of “having a Kit-Kat” and learning to relax in a stimulating environment
  • Creating an invisible piece of string between you and your dog using circuits
  • Teaching your dog to change direction with you using the this-way game
  • How to decide how far away your dog should be from you at any given point
  • How to play hunting games to help keep your dog with you
  • Progressing these games and bumbling in the real world
  • How to use life rewards to maintain the connection and partnership in challenging situations.

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