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Force Free Fetch

Force Free Fetch

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In this 40-minute presentation, Helen Phillips and Jules Morgan show you how to teach your gundog a reliable delivery to hand using the force-free fetch method.

Do you have a reluctant retriever?

A gundog that spits the dummy, runs around with it, or won't let go?

Or maybe you just need to tidy up your delivery to hand after a busy shooting season.

The retrieve chain (and more specifically the delivery to hand part) is one of the most common gundog training challenges that we come across.

If you are experiencing issues with your retriever, spaniel or HPR don’t worry. This step-by-step masterclass will show you how to achieve a reliable retrieve and delivery to hand using the force-free fetch method.

The Force Free Fetch Presentation covers the following:

  • Why is the retrieve delivery so important?
  • Why so many people struggle with this?
  • What the finished behaviour should look like
  • What we are aiming for and what is meant by a reliable delivery
  • What you'll need before you start training
  • Shaping the take / hold
  • Building duration in the hold
  • How to generalise
  • Adding the hold cue
  • Isolating the hold cue
  • Adding the release cue
  • Isolating your release cue from the environment

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